Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sunday thoughts

Word on the street is that EcoTools are on sale at Rite Aid- buy one get one free. I won't be taking advantage of this deal because I really don't need any more brushes. But EcoTools are by far my favorite brushes.
(All the bamboo handled ones and the silver handled ones are EcoTools)

I've been having a blast making necklaces recently.

My computer keeps making strange noises at me. I am, in all honesty, a little scared.

We all need to take a minute to drool over this shadow and these looks:


The Peach said...

BOGO?! I may have to check out Rite-Aid! I don't have any ecotools brushes! Your necklaces look awesome! I've been busy making chain maille recently!

Amanda said...

I find that they're very fairly priced regularly, so BOGO is awesome. I went into a Rite Aid tonight and they were indeed marked as BOGO! And thanks, they're been a lot of fun to make! I don't think I have the skill for chain maille :P

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