Saturday, April 24, 2010

Aromaleigh swatches, part 1

I planned on posting these last week, but I always underestimate just how busy I actually am. In an effort to FINALLY get these posted, I am going to break them up into multiple parts. One step at a time, right?

This post contains the swatches from the En Pointe collection. When I saw the collection, I immediately ordered a sample of each one, partly because everything looked so pretty, partly because I can't resist ballet-related things, having danced for most of my life. The collection is beautiful, and I do own a few in full size now as well.

Now the pretty pictures:







Sylph and Elegie are packed with multi-colored sparkle, making them very interesting, especially for white and black shadows. Pique has an almost green duochrome, and I am not sure why I haven't gotten a full size of this one yet, it's a very unique shade.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Stardust swatches #2

Here are the swatches from my last Stardust order. I got a sample of Sateen free with my order.
I'm going to start putting the names of the shadows onto the swatch pictures, I think it will make it easier to figure out which color is which.

All swatched over TFSI, natural light.


This set makes it pretty obvious what my favorite color is.
Juno, High Maintenance, and Royal Kiss all made me go "wow" when I swatched them. Juno and High Maintenance both have a slight duochrome to them I'm also glad that I was given Sateen- it's a beautiful neutral but I probably wouldn't have ordered it on my own. I tend to get unexcited about ordering neutrals, but I may have to start giving them a closer look.

Now for the descriptions on the Stardust website:
Sateen: High frost purple toned taupe. Stunning.
Tempted: Shimmery blue gray. Perfect with blue jeans!
Satin Sheets: Purple frost with a subtle green pearl.
Juno: Gentle purple blue with with delicate pink and blue twinkles.
Nebula: Deepest of the deep purple frost.
High Maintenance: Luxe purple with golden pearl.
Downtown Purple: Deep purple with purple mineral glitter.
Amethyst: Rich gem toned purple. Like sparkling amethyst.
Maggie: Flirty warm purple shimmer.
Royal Kiss: Shimmery reddened plum.





And an extra one because the colors are just so pretty.

New posts soon!

First of all, I hope everybody is having a lovely weekend!
Yesterday, I made my way up to Sephora to grab a new tube of...

It certainly makes a big difference if your primer has gone bad. I am quite excited to have a new tube of it.

I have three things to post, I just haven't had the time until now. I was more or less away from the internet this past week, as I had some rather large things to work on. I've now managed to catch up on my beauty blog reading, so now I'll work on the posting! There will be three posts heading your way: Stardust swatches, Aromaleigh swatches, and an Aromaleigh look.

I'll give you a sneak peek of those three posts since you're so nice and sparkly.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Stardust look and TFSI frustration

I have come to the unfortunate discovery that my Too Faced Shadow Insurance appears to have gone bad. It has gotten seperated and it is difficult for me to blend shadows over it, and has been creasing quite a bit. Out of frustration, I haven't been doing much eyeshadow lately. However, I do have some swatches to post and one recent look. I'll work on getting my hands on some new primer, but will have to order it online or wait until the weekend to get to a town that actually carries such things in stores.

Now for my most recent Stardust look:

I was inspired by several blue and purple looks I came across recently. I hadn't thought to pair blue and purple together before, and I love the way it looks!

I used:
Sateen- Stardust
Tempted- Stardust
Amethyst- Stardust
Physician's Formula mascara

Stardust's descriptions:
Sateen: High frost purple toned taupe. Stunning.
Tempted: Shimmery blue gray. Perfect with blue jeans!
Amethyst: Rich gem toned purple. Like sparkling amethyst.

All photos in natural light.

Stardust swatches coming soon!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Aromaleigh look- warm colors

The Pacific Northwest, although very green and lovely, has not been providing me with much natural light to work with, so my natural light pictures are fairly dark. This look is from a few days ago, and I love the way it turned out.

I used:
Italian Ice- Aromaleigh
Tigrilla- Aromaleigh
Heart of Glass- Aromaleigh
Too Faced Shadow Insurance

Italian Ice, from Aromaleigh's Hot in the City collection, is much more yellow than it looks in the above picture. Aromaleigh describes it as, "sweet and tart bright lemon yellow with pretty pink sparkles throughout."

Tigrilla, from Aromaleigh's L'Orchidee collection, is a shimmery orange (or tangerine, it's a bit lighter than your standard Crayola orange). The description on the Aromaleigh site reads, "Sure to please, a lustrous tangerine tones enhanced with sparks of iridescent gold."

Heart of Glass, from the Rocks! collection (which is being reformulated), is an interesting shade packed with sparkle. I can't decide if it's pink or red. It looks rather pink in the jar, but looks more red once you put it on. Aromaleigh calls it "bright pinky red with shards of sparkles."

Indoors, no flash. 

Now to the eye photos!

Natural light, or at least as much as I could find.

Natural light again.

Indoors, with flash.

Indoors, with flash.

Hopefully I'll get some sunshine soon!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Sorry I've been MIA, some less sparkly matters kept me away from makeup the past week. Today was the first day I put any makeup on since the last post I made.
Unfortunately, I did not take pictures until the end of the day, so the pictures aren't the greatest. I plan on re-doing this look in the future, since it looks so lovely in person. The photos just don't do it justice.

For this look, I used the following:
Virtue- Aromaleigh
Neon Femme- Stardust
Temptress- Stardust
Too Faced Shadow Insurance

I was initially worried that Temptress would be too dark for this look, but it works beautifully with Neon Femme.

As a side note, look how lovely my latest Stardust order looks, I love the little black ribbon.