Sunday, March 28, 2010

Stardust Swatch Time

When my order from Stardust arrived a few weeks ago, I immediately swatched every color I recieved.
Since I haven't put any makeup on today, I figured it was a good day to post the swatches, along with some swatches done today.

First, a photo of my order.

Magical Muse, Temptress, Tranquil
Super Woman, Semi Precious, The Total Package
Siren, Neon Femme, Krista's Blue

Same order as previous photo:
Magical Muse, Temptress, Tranquil
Super Woman, Semi Precious, The Total Package
Siren, Neon Femme, Krista's Blue

Descriptions from the Stardust website:
Magical Muse: Blue toned purple, low shimmer.
Temptress (sold out): Naughty blackened purple with bewitching pink sparkles.
Tranquil: Vivid aqua frost.
Super Woman: Super hero blue with immortal red glitters.
Semi Precious: Vibrant multidimensional teal.
The Total Package: Aqua with gentle glitter.
Siren: Fuchsia with a subtle blue sheen.
Neon Femme: Futuristic purple with blue undertones.
Krista's Blue: This is a custom shade created for Krista. It is a vibrant blue pearl with a smoky base.

Krista's Blue deserves a close-up. In the bag, it looks very dark, but in reality it is a dark blue with some lighter blue tones that seem to work their way to the surface of the dark base. I promptly ordered it in a full size.

After looking at these swatches, I realized that Semi Precious and The Total Package look very similar. This morning, I decided to swatch these two in more depth.

Semi Precious on the right, The Total Package on the left
Swatched dry on bare skin, over Too Faced Shadow Insurance, and foiled
The two colors are similar, but certainly not identical, with Semi Precious being darker and slightly more blue.

When I first examined my samples, they seemed to contain a larger amount of product than the Aromaleigh samples I have become accustomed to. When I looked on the respective websites, I learned that Stardust's samples are indeed larger- 1/8 teaspoon versus Aromaleigh's sample size of 1/16 teaspoon. I'm loving this sample size!

Overall, I was very pleased with my order, and have already placed a second order.

Saturday, March 27, 2010


Yesterday, I wanted to feel like a mermaid. I was very happy with the result.

I used:
Sylph- Aromaleigh
Phlox- Aromaleigh
The Total Package- Stardust
Tranquil- Stardust
Super Woman- Stardust
Too Faced Shadow Insurance

Natural light

Natural light

With flash

Natural light

All the colors are much more vibrant in real life, they seemed to get a bit washed out in the photos.

Thursday, March 25, 2010


And so begins my new blog, dedicated to makeup. It will primarily focus on mineral makeup, at least for the time being. The many lovely ladies who have beauty blogs have been an inspiration for me and have provided so much valuable information, that I have decided to join the world of beauty blogging!

I've decided to kick this off with a look using my two favorite eyeshadows:
Temptress from Stardust Cosmetics
Satin Laces from Aromaleigh

Temptress is a gorgeous dark purple with some pink sparkles. The Stardust website describes it as, "Naughty blackened purple with bewitching pink sparkles."

Satin Laces is a beautiful gold, which works well with many different colors. Aromaleigh describes it as, "Satiny smooth golden copper patina with the slightest smoke undertone and a kiss of subtle rose tones."

Eyeshadow applied over the Too Faced Shadow Insurance.

Indoors, with flash


Natural light, outdoors. This one does the best job of showing how beautiful Temptress is.

Outdoors, direct sunlight.

Do you have any all-time favorite eyeshadows? I'd love to hear about them!