Thursday, January 19, 2012

Re-Pressing and Depotting Wet n Wild Eyeshadow- Sparkle Science Vol. 1

Welcome to my first Sparkle Science post! I've been inspired by the amazing Just Peachy, who does great DIY posts.
A few days ago, I was going through my palettes (which I don't use nearly often enough, except for the Too Faced Smokey one) and realized that one of them had a broken eyeshadow. It had been that way for some time, and had gotten pushed to the bottom of the palette stack despite it being a great little palette. I remembered seeing various people re-press broken pressed products, so I decided to give it a shot.
I started by gathering up all the little pieces of broken shadow that were floating around inside the palette and placed them back in the eyeshadow pan.

Next I used one of my metal spoons from TKB to scoop out all the eyeshadow and put it in a clean 3 gram jar I had on hand.

I decided it would probably be easiest to work with the pan not in the palette, so I removed the now empty eyeshadow pan. I simply placed it face down on my counter and heated up the back with a hair dryer until I was able to pry the pan out. I used a safety pin to pry it out. It was actually much easier than I expected.

Next I added some isopropyl alcohol to the powder, just adding a little bit at a time until I had a fairly uniform, thick paste. I initially tried to use my metal spoon to mix it, but then opted for a new cocktail stirring stick instead.

Then I transferred the paste to the pan, using my cocktail stirrer. I tried to squish it in the pan in a fairly uniform, flat way. I really enjoyed the squishing part of this project and probably spent more time than I needed to squishing the eyeshadow into the pan.

I let it sit and dry for a few hours until it seemed dry to the touch. I then placed a tissue on top of it and gently pressed the shadow with my fingers, continuing this until isopropyl alcohol no longer surfaced on the tissue.

I then let it dry overnight, and it seems to be good as new! I was surprised by how simple the process was, and quite pleased that I now know how to re-press my broken pressed powder products. I found it to be a fun process, and was almost a little disappointed that I didn't have anything else I needed to re-squish.
If you have any questions, let me know!


Claire said...

This is brilliant!! I would never have thought of trying it, so thanks for a great post (with pictures)!!

Amanda said...

Awww, it makes me so happy to hear that! Thanks muchly :D

The Peach said...

Yay! So glad you tried this! Depoting, pressing, and other DIY stuff is so much fun and rewarding to me! I'm glad to help you find motivation to do this :)

Amanda said...

It is so fun and rewarding! I've always been a DIY girl, so being able to apply it to makeup is wonderful :)

Vulcan_Butterfly said...

GREAT idea! I hate when a pressed shadow breaks! I think I might need to go and do this with all my broken shadows!

Amanda said...

Thanks, though it definitely wasn't an original idea ;)
It's always so disappointing when a pressed shadow breaks, I'm glad that it's not too difficult to fix!

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