Monday, January 16, 2012

Monday Musings Vol. 8

I have an eyeshadow drying from a rescue mission and a new Perversion eyeliner pencil. This week is looking okay, though I took a bad fall yesterday on the ice. Ouch. Trying to take it easy tonight because moving around hurts. I depotted an eyeshadow pan from a palette to re-press it, and now I want to depot everything! But I need to lay off of the new projects until my thesis and recital are finished...
I'll let you know how my eyeshadow rescue mission turns out, I've never tried to press or re-press anything before!
This week you can expect to see a post on Urban Decay's Perversion and my eyeshadow pressing and depotting, so stay tuned.
Now to go list some textbooks on - I really need to start clearing out things I don't want/need to move 1,400 miles in June.
Any tips for minimizing unnecessary possessions?

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