Monday, January 23, 2012

Monday Musings Vol. 9

Another Monday! It's already proven to be an interesting one. I didn't sleep well last night, so I'm a bit out of it.
I've been doing more sparkle science, so expect to see more posts on my random experiments. I will finally swatch Perversion next to Zero for you today, so that's coming up as well. I'm also planning on doing a project 10 pan, though I want to see if there are any limited edition Valentine's things I need in my life first...I'm working on gathering up products that I need to use up. Regardless, I have definitely banned myself from purchasing any more lotion, body soap, body wash, body spray, or perfume until I make a significant dent in my stash. My stash of body products doesn't hold a candle to what I've witnessed in many teenage girls' bathrooms, but I should probably start focusing on using one lotion consistently until I use it up, instead of having so many partially finished ones all over the place. I've been gathering up things for my blog sale, which should be up next week. I just have too many products that I am not using/haven't used, and hopefully they can find their way to people who will enjoy them!
Now time for swatching, food, and preparing a presentation. There are definitely a few signs I need to look up before I give my presentation, as I find that sometimes my ASL vocabulary is a bit more limited than I'd like. And on that note, I suggest you watch one of my favorite videos from the Deaf Professional Arts Network (also referred to as the Deaf Performing Artists Network) -


The Peach said...

Can't wait to see more sparkle science! And the comparison swatches between Perversion and Zero! I have done pretty good at destashing of my bath & body products over the last six months. I really don't have anything hanging out thats not getting used. So good luck!

Amanda said...

Swatches being uploaded to my computer right now! I'm hoping that now that I've realized how much extra bath and body stuff I have right now, I'll be able to destash fairly easily. A lot of the things I have are mini versions, so I just need to start using them regularly :P Thanks!

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