Monday, November 7, 2011

Maybelline Great Lash Lots of Lashes review

I've had my eye on Lots of Lashes for a while, so I was excited when an opportunity to review it came my way. Ever since I heard about Clinique's Bottom Lash Mascara (which can be found here), I've been thinking about how great it would be to have a brush small enough to get to those pesky little lashes that always seem to get missed by my mascara wand. I really liked the looks of the Lots of Lashes from Maybelline, though, because of the tapered wand. I was skeptical of a mini mascara wand doing what I wanted it to with the bigger, fuller lashes, and it seemed silly to purchase a mascara that would only work on the itty-bitties. I figured the tapered wand would do the trick. Plus, it's cute! I've never found a mascara to be "cute" before, but this one is. Maybelline is calling the wand "heart shaped". It's not really heart-shaped, but it's a cute way of describing the tapered wand.

I received the mascara in "Very Black", though it also comes in "Blackest Black" and "Brown Black". I'm assuming that "Blackest Black" is supposed to be darker than "Very Black", but I'm not entirely sure. It's available at mass retailers for $6.40.

I expected the bristles/teeth to be a soft rubber, but in reality they are made of fairly stiff plastic. Not all  sides are created equal on this wand, and I'm not quite sure why. Probably to reach more lashes.

So if you hold it one way, it looks like this:
 Turn it a bit and BAM!

Interesting little brush they have here. But how well does it work?

Well, here are my naked lashes:

And this is with about three passes of Lots of Lashes:

Maybelline claims that this mascara will provide lots of volume, no clumps, and no mess.
I found the lengthening to be far more noticeable than the volumizing, and I did have a hard time keeping my lashes from sticking together. I don't think that it's noticeably clumpy unless you're looking at it extraordinarily closely. I managed to not smear extra mascara anywhere, so it was indeed mess-free. I was underwhelmed when I studied my lashes at extremely close range, but I like the overall effect. When viewed at a normal distance. My main gripe is that the end of the wand has no functional bristles. Let's take a look at it again.

I feel that the end bristles are just too sort to do anything- I feel like I'm just wiping the mascara off the end instead of combing it through my lashes. I'd like to see Maybelline come out with Lots of Lashes 2.0 with better bristles on the last quarter of the wand.

I plan to keep using this mascara, hopefully I'll get a better feel for how to use the tapered wand. Would I repurchase this product once I'm through this tube? Probably. It's a good mascara and I really like the concept behind it. I think that with a bit more careful application, I can avoid some of the sticking together lashes. If Maybelline released one with the improvement I mentioned above, I would absolutely try it out.

Side note: My roommate just tried her own tube of Lots of Lashes and loves it. She told me that she loves that it's bold without clumping.

*The product featured in this post was provided for consideration by PR through the BzzAgent program.  My commitment is to my readers and I will always give my honest opinion*

Stay tuned for my review of Maybelline's Baby Lips Lip Balm!


The Peach said...

Interesting. I haven't heard or seen much about this mascara. I do like the looks of the brush. I am a fan of the comb-like plastic brushes. Thanks for the review!

Lillian Funny Face said...

Ooh it really makes your lashes look great!

Vulcan_Butterfly said...

Interesting review! I'm a Maybelline mascara loyalist, I always try the new ones when they come out. I'll have to grab a tube of this one!

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