Monday, October 17, 2011

Monday Musings

Once again, it's Monday morning. I was a bit concerned when my day started with picking up my keys to find that my Yoshi keychain was beheaded. However, with the help of some tacky glue, he's looking much better. That's the second keychain of mine that has broken in the past week or so. I'm trying something new for the blog, with scheduled weekly posts Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Mostly to give myself some more structure so I can post more. Balancing structure and inspiration seems to be the way to go. Years ago, I had a blog that I posted in every day. I need to get back in the habit of that. So this is the first installation of "Monday Musings".
Have you seen the new Aromaleigh collection? I love the photo showing the inspiration for the collection.


How's your Monday going?

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