Monday, October 10, 2011

Aromaleigh V.2

Good news for Aromaleigh lovers!
Aromaleigh is in the process of creating a new version of the MMU we've grown to love. The company will be under new management, but Kristen Leigh Bell (founder of Aromaleigh) will be acting as the Creative Director and Director of Product Formulation. I'm glad to hear that Kristen will be involved in the new Aromaleigh, as she has created a legacy of quality and originality. Aromaleigh is now in a transitional phase, during which select products and ingredients are available for purchase at the Aromaleigh website here. While the company works on creating a new product line and a new Aromaleigh, they are looking for customer input. You can vote in polls here. I love that the new management is making an effort to figure out what customers want as they give a second life to the company. Aromaleigh V.2 is not a silent operation- they are creating a presence throughout the internet on Facebook (, Twitter (!/aromaleighV2), and their blog (
This kind of involvement and communication is what I love about indie cosmetic companies. I'm definitely looking forward to finding out what the new generation of Aromaleigh has in store for us.

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Luna said...

I was so happy when i got that email from Aromaleigh V.2 . I hope they will ship internationally again ;)

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