Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Brazen Passion Pot Face-Off: Cherry Bomb vs. Make Out

I know, I know. All I ever post these days is Brazen lip gloss. But I figure a comparison of Make Out and Cherry Bomb might be helpful to at least a few people.
I usually don't upload my photos directly to blogger, but I will today for the sake of time. I apologize if the formatting is wonky or anything. Click to make them enormous- the colors are so much more accurate that way.

Cherry Bomb is on the left, Make Out on the right.
All photos natural light unless otherwise noted.


Sheered out, it's more apparent that Cherry Bomb is a cooler-based color.

In conclusion:
Cherry Bomb is more of a cool-toned red (although not quite what I would call a "true red"), while Make Out is pinker and warmer.  Cherry Bomb has more of a mirror-like finish (which is more apparent in the swatches here). Also, Make Out has a healthy dose of iridescent glitter.

Cherry Bomb:

Make Out:

If I HAD to choose one over the other, the winner would be Make Out. However, they're both beautiful glosses.

Hope this helps!


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Amanda said...

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