Sunday, March 13, 2011

Mister Golden Sun

The weather has me feeling lethargic today, so I decided to try to perk myself up with a sun-inspired look.

I used:
Too Faced Shadow Insurance
Ringoffire- Aromaleigh
Swelter- Aromaleigh
Heat Wave- Aromaleigh
Spectacle- Brazen Cosmetics

Photos with flash.



How do you perk yourself up when the dreary weather gets you down?


Vulcan_Butterfly said...

SWEET! I love the brights you used here, and I love the "rays" coming off the side....nice touch! Blah, winter sucks, I'm lethargic too :(
To perk myself up, I do what you do: apply some nice bright makeup! Alternatively, I shop for makeup (which I really don't need to do)!

Lady In A Top Hat said...

Oh my gosh, this is GORGEOUS. Golden Sun indeed!

Amanda said...

Vulcan_Butterfly: Thanks, I'm glad you like it! Usually winter doesn't get me down like this, but it's been unusually dreary where I am in the Pacific Northwest. And right now the wind is coming in through the window frame in my bedroom...I want it to be spring now!

Lady In A Top Hat: Thanks so much!

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