Wednesday, June 22, 2011

New Piercing

Hello! I haven't worn makeup the past week or so, so I don't have any makeup photos to share today. I'll try to get some swatches and a look done tomorrow, since the bakery is closed for vacation. Today, I went and got a new piercing! My only other piercing previously was about 17 years ago in the mall, when I got my ears pierced. Today, I went to the piercing shop my mother uses (she has three more piercings than I do, the most recent one was done in December) and got a second piercing in my left ear.

I took this picture about 15 minutes after I got it pierced, so it's fairly red. I'm completely in love with this piercing! I originally thought I wanted a very small stud, but this one caught my eye. The piercer held it up to my ear for me to see how it would look, and I realized that this look was much better suited for me. I love it so much- I keep looking at it in the mirror. For now, I'm thinking of putting in some basic studs or small hoops in my older piercings so that I'm not messing with my ear by changing the earrings in the older piercings every day. What do you think would look best alongside this new earring? I'm going to go look in the mirror now. Again. It's just so shiny and new and pretty!

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