Thursday, June 9, 2011

21st birthday photos!

First of all, thanks for the lovely birthday wishes! My birthday was wonderful, and my friends and family put together a very fun evening. I was running errands in the afternoon, and when I got back to the house (planning on then getting ready to leave for the mystery reservation my family told me about), the house was filled with many lovely people, food, and libations. The family from the cupcake shop I've worked in whenever I'm in this town for a while also was there, and made this cake:

Each tier was three layers- vanilla cake with pink champagne buttercream between each layer. Yum!

They informed me that they decided to go with a "Housewives of New Jersey" theme, which is far from my usual personality/aesthetic, but I loved it!

Now for the look I did that day. I just now realized that my eyeshadow mildly matches the cake- pink and green! Completely unplanned, as I did my makeup that morning long before I knew about the cake.

I used:
Too Faced Shadow Insurance
Too Faced Shadow Insurance Glitter Glue
Raindrops on Roses- Hi-Fi
Blarney- Brazen
Shenanigans- Brazen (as a liner)
Giant Shiny Leaf Mascara- Physicians Formula

I initially did not use the TFSI Glitter Glue, but once the look was completed over the regular TFSI alone, I decided I wanted the glitter in Raindrops on roses to be more visible. I then applied TFSI Glitter Glue on top of where I already had Raindrops on Roses and patted another layer of the shadow on top of it.

Pinks and greens seem to be my default shadow choices lately, what kinds of colors/color combinations would you like to see me try next?


Vulcan_Butterfly said...

Love your eyeshadow! That cake looks pretty fabulous, I'll bet it tasted awesome!

mNg said...

Love your cake and eye look :D Again, Happy Birthday! :)

Luna said...

Happy belated B-day ! This cakes looks yummie ... :D and another gorgeous eyelook ! Pink and green looks nice together . What do you think of blue and brown ? Or orange and blue :D

Amanda said...

Vulcan_Butterfly: Thank you! It did taste awesome- they definitely spoiled me with that cake :P
mNg: Thanks!

Amanda said...

Luna: Thanks for the belated birthday wishes! I'm glad you like the look :)
I'll have to try those combinations in my next couple looks, thanks for the suggestions!

Make-up your mind said...

OMG your cake was amazing and your eyes look stunning xx new followers love the blog , would be great if we could follow each other xx

Anonymous said...

Happy belated bday! I adore the pink/green eye look. PS there is an award waiting for you on my blog!

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